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1. Get the gear


Working with a lightweight, high quality camera is the best investment for snap-happy travellers. Mirrorless cameras offer the same features as a digital SLR but without the extra weight and bulk.


2. Your phantom friend

2. 如影随形的伙伴

Solo travel photographers become practiced at recognising a workable camera perch. Placing your camera somewhere and using timer or a remote is how you’ll take some wonderful solo shots.


3. Ask a stranger

3. 请陌生人帮忙

It doesn't always work out, however, it's nice to try on the off chance someone nails it. Boost those chances by choosing someone with a good camera who looks like they know what they're doing, and make sure the settings on your camera are right before you have them take the pic. Don't be shy aboutrequesting a second attempt if you're unhappy with the first.


4. Show your story and hook on a feeling

4. 诉说故事,营造感情

Travel photos tell the story of what is happening in your world at that moment, so what do you want to fill the picture? If there's a palpable feeling in the air, try and capture it. Maybe it's dappled light filteringthrough trees on an autumn day, or joy from a bunch of locals having a laugh outside a café. Images that create mood or invoke feeling are often mesmerising.


5. Include characters

5. 囊括进人物

While you'll take lots of photos of others, it's important to include yourself in your photographic memories. After all, you're the protagonist of your story. Savvy solo travellers should think about where they'll put themselves in the frame. Play with a range of different positions to keeps things interesting instead of relying on the standard selfie pose.


6. Light it up

6. 注意光线

Mother Nature supplies some of the best light around, studio or no. If you're photographing in harsh sunlight, watch for shadows and try to snap people in the shade. The periods just before sunrise and sunset, known as magic or golden hour, are times of day that make everything and everyone appear, well, magical. Tones are warmer, people look pretty in soft light.


7. Work that angle

7. 调好角度

Changing up angles is one of the simplest ways to keep your shots interesting, because an angle is a perspective. Think of your lens as an eye. There are so many angles you can play with that will work well for your shot. You don't even need to be afraid of an upshot (but pls, no double chins).


8. Edit

8. 润色图片

Travel photos are usually taken outside, where you lack control of lighting. Editing can give back to your photos a little of what even the best cameras are physically unable to capture. In terms of colours, the caveat is to not oversaturate. Cameras even have dedicated apps and in-camera filters available which allow you edit on the go or later.




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