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Gaming is often seen as an unsociable and solitary pursuit. But fans of Pokémon GO claim the augmented reality craze - which since its launch last week has had users chasing around their neighborhoods in pursuit of fictional creatures - has given rise to so many chance meetings between strangers that people have started using it as a dating app.


Numerous users have shared their stories of romance spurred by the app - claiming that they were either asked out while playing the game or invited on a Pokémon GO date with their potential love interest. It has also proved a hit as a dating activity among existing couples and as a new way of making friends.


Such is the popularity of the game - which has already been installed on more Android devices than dating app Tinder - that some fans are using it to replace movie nights, giving rise to the phrase 'Pokémon GO and chill', adapted from 'Netflix and chill'.

“口袋妖怪”大受欢迎,在安卓设备上的下载量已超过约会软件Tinder的下载量。如今一些粉丝选择玩“口袋妖怪”而不是晚上去看电影。现在人们不再说“看完片滚床单(Netflix and chill)”而是“玩完‘口袋妖怪’滚床单”。

Twitter is full of stories of people being asked out on dates while out playing the game - which is based in the real world with graphics superimposed and requires users to walk around the streets trying to 'catch' Pokémon characters that appear on their screens.


A popular dating hotspot for fans of the game are 'PokéStops' - real world locations that are marked on the game map where users linger to get 'Poké Balls' and eggs that hatch into Pokémon.


Craigslist has numerous messages from people trying to contact people they met while playing the game. The Chicago Tribune reported that it has led to 'dozens of Craigslist missed connections'.


A Reddit post entitled 'Pokémon GO got me a date' tells the story of a gamer who met a woman after she asked: 'Hey, are you playing Pokemon Go too?'


After chatting about the game they agreed to meet the following day to play and go on a date.


One Twitter user, 'Tipsy Gypsy', from Las Vegas, Nevada, wrote: 'Who needs tinder when I just got asked out on a date to go play #PokémonGO by a guy I met in a park searching for pokéstops [sic]'.

来自内华达州拉斯维加斯的推特用户Tipsy Gypsy写道:“我在公园里搜寻精灵补给站时遇到的一个帅哥约我出去玩‘口袋妖怪’ ,谁还想用Tinder啊?”

Kali, 19, from Seattle, wrote on Twitter: 'Just had a guy ask if I was playing Pokémon Go and he immediately asked me out LMAO [sic]'.


Todd Schlickbernd, a video producer from Washington, hailed the game the 'easiest ice breaker ever'.


He wrote: 'Should totally wrap Pokémon GO in a dating app. Easiest ice breaker ever. And you don't even have to pick a spot, just, who we catchin'? '


Another user from Elk Grove, California, writing under the name 'Mic Dog', tweeted: 'Just went out for over an hour at a park at night. Was approached by a guy who asked if I was playing Pokemon Go. Ended up hanging with [sic]'.


The game is also being used by pre-existing couples as a way of spending time together.


One woman said her boyfriend used it as a way of getting her out of the house to propose.


Amanda Jane wrote on Twitter: 'To get me out of the house so he could propose, he asked if I wanted to go play #PokémonGO at the park.'





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