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Big Hero 6 was the big winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature on Oscar night Sunday. The story of an inflatable personal healthcare robot with a heart of gold, it's already taken in $220 million at the domestic box office, according to Box Office Mojo, making it the 20th highest grossing animated movie of all time.

电影《超能陆战队》(Big Hero 6 )在今年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼上斩获最佳动画长片奖。据票房魔咒网统计,有一颗金子心的充气机器人大白凭借卖得一手好萌,在美国国内狂揽2.2亿美元票房,使这部影片成为有史以来票房收入第20高的动画电影。

All fine and good, but after you adjust box office totals for inflation, its haul is a lot less impressive. Fortune combed through Box Office Mojo's list of highest-grossing animated movies and adjusted their domestic totals for inflation, and some of the movies that now appear in the top 10 may be surprising. It's also worth noting that all box office totals are adjusted to 2014 dollars, because the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks inflation, doesn't release its 2015 figures until the end of this week.


Having said that, Fortune presents a list of the highest-grossing animated movies of all time.


10. Toy Story 2


The 1999 sequel to 1995's critically and commercially acclaimed Toy Story, this second installment finds Buzz Lightyear and the gang trying to rescue their pal Woody from the clutches of a remorseless toy dealer.

由于1995年推出的首部《玩具总动员》(Toy Story)叫好又叫座,制片方于1999年拍摄了该电影的续集。在本片中,巴斯光年和他的朋友们试图从一个冷酷的玩具商手中营救出他们的朋友胡迪。

While the first movie had won accolades from critics and audiences alike, the sequel was a huge step forward in terms of story and characterization, and raised the bar for what a children's movie could do. It took in $246 million as the 20th Century wrapped up, for a total of $350 million after inflation.


9. Shrek


In 2001, a hideous ogre with a Scottish accent voiced by Mike Meyers made his big-screen debut. Children everywhere were delighted, and the flagship effort in a highly profitable franchise was born.


Full of tongue-in-cheek references to other films, it kept mom and dad amused while junior reveled in the glorious fart humor. It raked in $268 million at the domestic box office, or $358 million today.


8. Shrek the Third


By 2007, the Shrek franchise had already proven itself a highly profitable commodity, making a third trip back to the well mandatory. Featuring the voices of Monty Python alumni John Cleese and Eric Idle, as well as that of radio host Larry King as Doris the Ugly Stepsister, the third installment did even better than the original, with domestic box office receipts of $323 million, or $369 million today.

到2007年,史莱克早已成为一块金字招牌,其第三部电影也就顺理成章地上映了。除了电台主持人拉里•金为“丑陋的继姐”配音外,英国知名喜剧团体Monty Python成员约翰•克里斯和埃里克•爱都也为本片倾情献声。该片的反响甚至超过了第一部,美国国内票房收入达到3.23亿美元,折合现在的3.69亿美元。 

7. Despicable Me 2


Released in 2010, the original Despicable Me took in $252 million. Naturally, this meant that there had to be a sequel, which was delivered to salivating children in the summer of 2013.

2010年上映的《卑鄙的我》(Despicable Me )获得了2.52亿美元的票房成绩。如此佳绩当然意味着必然要拍续集。2013年夏天,《卑鄙的我2》终于火爆上映。

Adorable tykes across this great nation returned to the multiplexes to delight in the antics of Gru (Steve Carell) and the Minions, who could be seen gracing pajamas, cookies and other merchandise everywhere you looked. The movie earned $368 million, or $374 million in today’s dollars, and was also nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar. It lost, but the filmmakers could console themselves by crying into a pillow made of money.


6. Monsters, Inc.


Monsters, Inc. is the story of two creatures that help power their hometown of Monstropolis with the screams of the children they scare. It features the voices of John Goodman, Billy Crystal and Steve Buscemi, and is the rare children’s film that parents could actually enjoy along with their kids.

《怪兽公司》(Monsters, Inc)讲述了在一个靠小孩子恐惧的尖叫声提供能源的怪兽世界里,两只小怪兽如何成为怪兽公司头牌恐吓者的故事。本片的配音演员有约翰•古德曼、比利•克里斯托和史蒂夫•布西密等,它也是少数父母可以与孩子共同享受观影乐趣的儿童片之一。

It opened to huge box office totals in November 2001, with only the first Harry Potter and Lord of the Ringsmovies able to knock it off its lofty perch. It earned $290 million in its theatrical run, or $388 million in today's dollars.

该片在2001年11月一经上映就获得巨额票房,当时只有《哈利波特》(Harry Potter )第一部和《指环王》(Lord of the Ring)系列电影能把它拉下票房榜首宝座。该片的票房收入达到2.9亿美元,约合现在的3.88亿美元。

5. Frozen


If you are the parent of a girl under age 10 or so, then you do not need the plot of 2013's Frozen encapsulated for you. The musical fantasy, which raked in $400 million ($406 million today), is the subject of maniacal fandom, and your daughter – or maybe even your son – has probably been more than happy to talk your ear off about it since its release.

如果你有一个十岁以下的女儿,那你完全不必担心没看过《冰雪奇缘》(Frozen )。这部狂揽4亿美元(折合现在的4.06亿)的音乐幻想片是孩子们的狂热话题。自从这部片子上映以来,你的女儿,甚至你的儿子可能早已不厌其烦地向你描绘了多次片中的情节。

Frozen reached its box office total through repeat viewings, and it spawned sing-along events at theaters that became the kiddie equivalent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The plethora of Frozen-themed birthday parties and little girls dressed up as Princess Elsa at Halloween should be a big hint to parents that their children are not about to "let it go" any time soon.


4. Toy Story 3

《玩具总动员3 》

Coming 11 years after Toy Story 2, moviegoers could have been forgiven for wondering what more the franchise could possibly have to say. However, critics and moviegoers alike were stunned to find that the third installment was in fact the best of the series, and it took in $415 million, the equivalent of $451 million today.


Like Big Hero 6, it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Also like Big Hero 6, there may have been more than a few parents in the theater who did not expect it to be as tearful as it was. Despite the movie ending on a note that seemed to rule out another sequel, a fourth installment is currently scheduled for 2017.


3. Finding Nemo


Finding Nemo is like Bambi, in that it belongs to the long, proud tradition of Disney films in which the main character's mother gets killed, thereby necessitating years of therapy for the little children who saw it.

和《小鹿斑比》(Bambi)一样,《海底总动员》(Finding Nemo)的故事情节也沿用了迪斯尼多年来屡试不爽的桥段:主角的母亲惨死后,目睹这一幕的孩子需要多年的心理建设才能恢复过来。

The story of a lost clownfish from the Great Barrier Reef, the 2003 film took in $380 million at the domestic box office, or $489 million after inflation. It was the highest-grossing G-rated film ever made until Toy Story 3conquered it with its unadjusted box office gross.


2. Shrek 2


Shrek 2 was released in 2004 and followed the adventures of the unsightly ogre and his newly betrothed wife Fiona. It parodies such well-known children's stories as The Wizard of Oz and The Little Mermaid, and also introduced Puss in Boots, a swashbuckling Mexican cat voiced by Antonio Banderas.


The most popular film in the entire franchise, it earned $441 million at the domestic box office, the equivalent of a staggering $553 million today. A fourth film, Shrek Forever After, was released in 2010, but the status of a much hinted-at fifth film remains shrouded in mystery.


1. The Lion King


It should come as no surprise that The Lion King is the highest-grossing animated film of all time. A stone cold classic beloved by children for over 20 years – and maybe a few of their parents too – the 1994 movie inspired three video games and a musical now in its 18th year on Broadway.

史上票房最高的动画电影被《狮子王》(The Lion King )摘得,应该是名至实归的,谁也不会感到意外。这部里程碑式的经典大片被孩子们深深热爱了20多年,当年最早的一批辛巴小粉丝如今也为人父母了。这部摄制于1994年的电影已经被改编成三种视频游戏和一部音乐剧,后者已经在百老汇上演了18年。

The movie's domestic box office take of $423 million is impressive even before it's adjusted for inflation, at which point it reaches a Titanic-esque $676 million. It leaves every other animated movie on this list in its dust, with the cruel and unrelenting force of a wildebeest stampede.