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Donald Trump has upset Sir Cameron Mackintosh and co-creators of the stage musical Les Misérables for playing one of their songs at his Miami rally.


Mackintosh, a leading British theatre impresario, is to make his objection felt in a joint statement with Alain Boublil, the musical’s librettist and others who own the copyright.


A copy released to the Guardian said: “The authors of Les Misérables were not asked for permission and did not authorise or endorse usage of Do You Hear the People Sing? at last [week’s] Trump rally in Miami, and have never done so for any of the songs from the musical for this or any other political event.”

刊登在《卫报》上的声明写道:“《悲惨世界》的作者们没有收到许可申请,也没有授权或允许特朗普在上周迈阿密集会上使用《Do You Hear the People Sing?》,歌剧中的任何一首歌曲从未被允许在这次或任何其他的政治活动中使用。”

Les Misérables has broken box office records worldwide, seen by more than 70 million people in 44 countries. It is a story of “broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption”, with songs that include I Dreamed A Dream. In Miami, the Republican presidential nominee took the stage as Do You Hear the People Sing? blasted through the loudspeakers.

《悲惨世界》已在44个国家演出,观看人次达七千多万,打破了全球票房纪录。它讲述了一个关于“破碎的梦和暗恋、热烈的情欲、牺牲和救赎”的故事。《I Dreamed A Dream》也是歌曲之一。在迈阿密,集会上的扩音喇叭高声唱着《Do You Hear the People Sing?》,共和党总统候选人在一片音乐声中登台亮相。

Mackintosh’s statement said: “As the musical’s popularity and universal message have been part of international popular culture for more than 30 years now, countless political and social movements around the world, including the first Bill Clinton and Obama campaigns, have independently embraced songs from the musical as a rallying cry for their own cause.”


Trump has upset musicians before. In May, he faced demands by the Rolling Stones to stop playing their music at his campaign events. Earlier, he faced criticism from Neil Young for using his Rockin’ in the Free World. Whether Mackintosh takes legal action remains to be seen.

特朗普的侵权行为早有先例。五月份,滚石乐队曾向特朗普提出停止在竞选活动中播放其音乐的要求。更早时候,尼尔•杨批评特朗普使用了他的歌曲《Rockin’ in the Free World》。麦金托什是否就此采取法律行动仍有待观察。

The intellectual property lawyer Mark Stephens of Howard Kennedy, said politicians were supposed to clear the use of songs. Sometimes permission was obtained without disclosing it was for a political purpose and there could be a question about whether Trump’s campaign said it would be used at a rally.


Asked whether Mackintosh could potentially have a legal case against Trump, he said: “Assuming that there wasn’t a fully disclosed, informed consent given, then he can sue for infringement of copyright.”


The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.


Trump is among numerous politicians who have upset musicians. Bruce Springsteen objected to Ronald Reagan’s attempt to use Born in the USA as a backdrop for his re-election in 1984, and Mick Fleetwood has said that Bill Clinton’s campaign never sought permission for his 1992 campaign anthem, Don’t Stop.

除特朗普外,引起音乐人不满的政客还大有人在。1984年罗纳德•里根在第二次总统竞选中试图使用《Born in the USA》,遭到歌手布鲁斯•斯普林斯汀反对。1992年比尔•克林顿使用《Don’t Stop》作为竞选歌曲,而米克•弗里特伍德说这从未征得他的同意。

Sometimes, however, there is harmony between musicians and politicians. The Northern Irish group D:Ream approved Tony Blair’s use of Things Can Only Get Better during the Labour party’s 1997 campaign.

不过,音乐人和政客也有和平相处的时候。1997年,北爱尔兰组合D:Ream就同意了工党托尼•布莱尔在英国大选中使用他们的作品《Things Can Only Get Better》。



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