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BlackBerry, the pioneering smartphone maker, is to stop making its own handsets and pull out of the devices business, as the company behind the tiny Qwerty keyboard once coveted by the corporate world focuses on selling software and services.


The Canadian group said it would end all internal hardware development with immediate effect, and license its brand and software to third-party manufacturers who would develop phones bearing the BlackBerry badge.


It’s the end of the line for the firm’s hardware business, said Nick McQuire, an analyst at CCS Insight.

CCS Insight分析师尼克•麦夸尔(Nick McQuire)表示:这是该公司硬件业务的终局。

At its zenith in 2008, BlackBerry accounted for one in every five smartphones sold, after its handsets became a staple for business executives.


Designed to be as easy for writing emails as making phone calls, they eventually captured the consumer market too.


As sales soared, the company’s market value hit $80bn, compared with roughly $4bn today.


Since its peak in popularity it has haemorrhaged sales in the face of strong competition from Apple and Samsung, as well as low-cost Asian manufacturers, leaving it with a share of the global smartphone market that is practically a rounding error: 0.1 per cent, according to Gartner.


Revenues from the company’s smartphones slumped to $105m in the latest quarter, compared with $417m in the same period last year.


Shares in BlackBerry gained 2.6 per cent in early trading in New York as the company predicted the moves would boost profitability John Chen, chief executive, said it had signed a licensing deal with BB Merah Putih, an Indonesian joint venture led by one of the country’s largest telecoms groups, PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia, which would have sole responsibility for making , promoting and distributing devices in the region.

黑莓股价纽约早盘时分上涨2.6%,因为该公司预计这些举措将会提升盈利能力。黑莓首席执行官程守宗(JohnChen)表示,该公司与BB Merah Putih签署了授权协议,后者是印尼最大电信集团之一PT Tiphone MobileIndonesia旗下的合资企业,它将拥有在该地区制造、营销和经销手机的独家权利。

The company is exploring similar deals with groups in India and China, he said.


But in regions such as the US and Europe, a hardcore of loyal BlackBerry customers or Crackberry addicts will struggle to buy new devices, unless the company finds a partner, Mr Chen said.


My new model is to ramp down the selling of hardware anywhere — but we might have partners to sell it, he said.


BlackBerry’s departure from the smartphone business is the most radical step taken by Mr Chen, who joined as chief executive in 2013 with a pledge to transform it into a security-focused software company.


He has expanded the software division through acquisitions, including Good Technology, a mobile security provider, and AtHoc, a company that helps build emergency alert systems for governments.

他通过收购移动安全提供商Good Technology和AtHoc等公司扩大了软件部门。AtHoc是一家帮助政府打造紧急警报系统的公司。




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