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What did you eat, only to regret it moments later?


获得76.9k好评的回答@Ernest W. Adams:

There's a preserved fish dish in South Korea called Hongeohoe.


I was warned off it, but decided I should show my host my willingness to try local food and be more than just a tourist.


It tasted like ammonia. And being preserved, it was rubbery. The more I chewed, the stronger the ammonia taste got.


It was like chewing an eraser that had been impregnated with floor cleaner. I choked the piece down, but the flavor stayed with me, the fumes rising into my nose.


My host said kindly, "A lot of Koreans don't like it either."


Now he tells me!


获得6.5k好评的回答@Gil Silberman:

Two things come to mind.


A severely moldy burrito. I hadn't noticed until a few bites in, because it was wrapped in foil, but it was worse than this.


A large gulp of sprite my auto mechanic friend had left in the yard. Only, being a redneck, he was using the bottle to store gasoline. Not tasty, but I had already swallowed. In neither case did I get sick, but the regret was strong in the moment.


获得13.7k好评的回答@Shem Elliyahu Yifrach:

I love traveling and experiencing the local culture, especially by enjoying their cuisine. When I lived in China I came across many dishes that to me were so bizarre. One such dish is called Stinky Tofu. I was fortunate to not have many encounters with this dish because as its name suggests it’s STINKY!!! When you are around it you will know it, there is no escaping it. I recall riding my bike in the city and having to hold my breath as I passed by street vendors that were offering this stinky delight.


I highly recommend anyone traveling to China to try it "at least once".


Looks rather innocent and harmless right?


获得6.8k好评的回答@Richard Barrios:

I like sharing this Kimchi story.


I was in New York many years ago with my girlfriend (at the time), she is Korean, and she wanted to take me to an authentic Korean restaurant she found. We sat down, I looked at the menu, which was all written in Korean, since I couldn't read it I went with the pictures and pointed to what I wanted. I pointed at an image with vegetables and beef. I ordered the Kimchi Beef. For those of you who don't Kimchi is pickled cabbage -Kimchi. It is usually very spicy, the style I had that day was nothing like I ever had before.


Needless to say, I drank my glass of water quickly. I thought the beef was the spicy part, so I started eating the cabbage, boy was I wrong. It only got worse! Before I knew it the waitress came by to filled my glass and I drank it quickly. When she returned she noticed that this wasn't the last time I was going to ask for water, so she left the pitcher at the table. The waitress left and went to the kitchen. A few minutes later my girlfriend told me to turn around and I could see that the cooks where having a good laugh.