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The proposition is deliciously intriguing. Two brothers torn apart by a divorced American interloper... two sisters-in-law, one dutiful, one showy, whose ill-concealed hostility helps to prise apart the siblings once thought tied together for life by their accident of birth.


It's as if the painful history of George VI and his brother, Edward VIII – who abdicated for the love of his brash US bride, Wallis Simpson, to the disgust of his sister-in-law, later Queen Elizabeth – is being played out all over again.

就好像历史上的乔治六世和他的弟弟爱德华八世,后者为了傲慢的美国新娘Wallis Simpson而不惜退位,这点另他的嫂嫂,也就是后来的伊丽莎白女王很厌恶——现在这样的戏码又上演了。

Now, piling irony on top of irony, Prince Harry is leaving Kensington Palace – home of his brother Prince William – to start his married life at Frogmore, where his black sheep great-great uncle Edward is buried with his bride.


There is no doubt, according to multiple sources I have spoken to, that Harry's marriage to Meghan has hastened the brothers' decision to go their separate ways in terms of living arrangements.


Equally, the former actress's arrival has indeed rather 'shaken' things up a little, both in terms of what one source described her 'opinionated personality' and Harry's determination that his new bride should get her own way ('what Meghan wants, Meghan gets', Harry has said).


And there is no doubt that the new Duchess of Sussex hasn't forged a particularly close relationship with her brother-in-law's wife. She and Kate are simply very different people, although sources insist there has been no dramatic falling out.


But it would be simply wrong to lay this parting of the ways at Meghan's feet. As many people with long years of royal service behind them have been at pains to point out to me in recent weeks, Harry, 34, is a grown man now and as strong-willed as his new wife.


'Rather dictatorial,' is how one source, who actually very much likes him, describes the prince. And while he loves his brother and his little niece and nephews, Harry is equally keen to move out. Not to appease his wife, but because he wants to escape the goldfish bowl of royal life for the sake of his marriage and his unborn child.


One source has told that until very recently there were 'multiple' options on the table for the couple, including moving into somewhere bigger at Kensington Palace.It was only decided after they returned from their recent tour to Australia and the South Pacific that Frogmore was the preferred option and plans were quickly lodged with the council to bring it up to scratch. One reason is the cost of the work that would be needed to bring Apartment 1 up to scratch.

有消息称曾经有很多府邸供哈里夫妇选额,甚至有的地方比肯辛顿宫还大。在最近从澳大利亚和南太平洋回来以后,哈里夫妇决定选择弗罗莫尔为最佳场所,计划尽快到议会上通过并着手翻修。其中选择这个地方的原因是对于Apartment 1的翻修成本。

Renovating anywhere in a historic royal palace is not cheap – William and Kate's apartment cost taxpayers more than £4.5million. The other reason is that Harry simply doesn't want to bring his family up in such a visible manner as his brother.


While many would be delighted at the idea of living in a palace, large swathes of it are actually open to the public all year round. And although the Cambridges do have a charming garden in which their three children can play, spaces for youngsters to run wild are severely limited.


George and Charlotte are regularly photographed by paparazzi on the school run.


After all, it is because of their decision to live there that the work has to be done in the first place.


'Frogmore is just lovely and will be a beautiful place for the Sussexes to bring up their child. It's not that far from London. He or she will still see plenty of their cousins. Harry and Meghan are incredibly happy and deservedly so.'